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If you were injured on another person or business’s property, you may have a case. The owner of the property has the responsibility to make sure the property does not have any hazards or dangers to people on the property. Generally speaking, if a property owner knew or should have known about a dangerous or defective condition in a property, they should have taken steps to either (a) fix the problem, or if they cannot fix the problem, (b) warn people of the danger on the property.

You can be seriously injured through no fault of your own when you visit property such as an apartment building, store, office or hotel. If the owner or tenant of the property knew or should have known about a dangerous condition that caused your injury and failed to take reasonable steps to protect you from it, you may be eligible to recover full compensation for your injuries and damages. You should immediately get help from Wachnik Law LLC.

At Wachnik Law LLC, we compassionately provide the skilled representation that you need. Attorney Eryk Wachnik focuses on protecting the rights of personal injury victims who have been harmed by someone else's negligence in the Chicagoland area. Put Wachnik Law LLC’s experience to work for you today. Call us at 847-892-5060.

Slip & Fall and Premises Liability: Practices


Typically, a personal injury claim for a slip and fall or other type of premises liability will focus on:

  • Duty - Were you legally on the property? For example, were you a customer at a store, guest at a friend's house or guest at someone’s house? If so, then you were likely legally on the property and the property owner or tenant owed you a duty to exercise ordinary care to make sure the property was safe for you; the property owner should have taken steps to protect you from any dangerous condition they knew or should have known about.

  • Breach - If you were lawfully on the property, then did the owner or tenant fail to fix the condition in a reasonable and timely manner or warn you about the dangerous condition? If the answer to this question is yes, then the owner or tenant could be legally responsible for your injuries and damages.

  • Causation - If the above two are true, then the property owner and/or occupier was likely negligent. If so, the next step is to determine if the owner or occupier’s negligence was the cause the complained of injuries.

  • Damages - If all of the above are true, the final question is whether you suffered damages or injuries because of the owner, occupier or tenant’s negligence. You must show that you suffered real physical injuries, emotional and/or financial harm.

The above four points need to be present for you to have an actionable case. Types of premises liability cases include slip/trip and falls (wet or slippery floors, ice, broken sidewalks, floor mats, defective stairs or handrails); falling objects (improperly installed items, materials and stacked objects); recreational activity accidents (drownings, pool accidents, etc.); escalator and elevator accidents; and negligent security by a business or bar.

If you or someone you know have been injured in someone’s business or on someone's property, call Wachnik Law LLC today. We will be relentless and aggressive in protecting your rights, fighting for your rights and getting you the maximum recovery. We will get you compensation for your past and future medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of consortium and fight for punitive damages, where appropriate. We have experience fighting the insurance companies and we will get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. For a free consultation with attorney Eryk Wachnik, call our law office today at 847-892-5060. All claims are time sensitive. Call today!

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