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In accidents with large commercial trucks or buses, drivers and passengers in other vehicles are often left with serious and catastrophic injuries. Attorney Eryk Wachnik has handled countless trucking injury cases and knows exactly what the trucking company, insurance company and their lawyers’ game plan will be in these cases.

Trust the attorney who knows what the other side’s every move will be. In a trucking accident claim, injuries are often catastrophic or even fatal. This could mean that damages for medical care, lost wages, and future expenses and other losses could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, not including pain and suffering.

Trucking companies and their insurers are not there to have your best interest in mind. Ideally, the insurance and trucking companies would have claimants settle their cases for either nothing at all or for as little as possible. If you have been involved in a trucking accident, then you deserve Wachnik Law LLC to be on your side and to advocate for your rights.

Trucking Accidents: Practices
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Wachnik Law LLC will fight for your rights from the day you hire us. Some of the steps we will take include:

  • Ordering accident reconstruction reports, photographs of damaged vehicles, cell phone records, event data recorders, interviewing witnesses and investigating your accident.

  • Serving the insurance company and trucking company with an evidence preservation letter which seeks event data recorders, airbag control modules and dash cam footage, among other things, from the truck.

  • Preserve any and all evidence which is associated with you case. This could include the above mentioned items, as well as training records, log books, bills of lading, freight documents and information regarding other entities would could potentially be at fault.

  • Trucking companies are liable for the conduct of their employees. Often, a court will find a trucking company liable even if they do not directly employ the driver that was driving for them. 

  • Order all records and bills associated with your medical expenses, lost wages and all out of pocket expenses.

  • Filing all legal documents in your case. This includes the filing and serving of evidence preservation letters and the possibility of opening a separate proceeding for the sole purpose of gaining documents.

  • Consulting with appropriate experts in fields such as accident reconstruction, biomechanical engineering, mechanical engineering, human factors, medical care and life care planning.

  • Zealously negotiating and fighting for your rights with the insurance company.

  • Arguing your case in court at trial, pre-trial conference or at mediation.

  • Resolving any and all health care liens associated with your case so as to both maximize your recovery and make sure that you receive a sufficient amount of money to pay all your medical expenses and move on with your life.

Call Wachnik Law LLC today at 847-892-5060 for a free consultation today.

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One of the first steps in any trucking investigation is determining the cause of the accident and who is at fault. If you are involved in an accident, cooperate with investigators, but do not admit fault. You do not know all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident. Frequently, causes of these accidents  are not known or realized until a complete investigation is carried out. These causes could include dangerous roadways, a driver or trucking company breaking commercial trucking rules and regulations, truck driver error or negligence, an improperly loaded or secured piece of cargo or improperly maintained equipment / improperly secured cargo.

If you or someone you know have been injured in a car accident, call Wachnik Law LLC today. We will be relentless and aggressive in protecting your rights, fighting for your rights and obtaining a maximum recovery. We have experience fighting the insurance companies and we will get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. For a free consultation with attorney Eryk Wachnik, call our law office today at 847-892-5060.

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